We headed back to work today. After an enjoyable bible study early this morning with the Haitian believers we headed back to work on the mission house. We spent most of the day installing soffit on the back side of the mission house 2.5 stories up! Drew spent some time on the ladder today and did a great job. We were encouraged by the progress we made and our team is really learning how to work together effectively. I can’t say enough about Blair, Drew, and Austin. These guys have been a joy to travel and work with. Blair had the opportunity to go into town with Christian to purchase more lumber. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk with him about his trip but I’m sure he enjoyed the sights. Even in the busyness of this mission trip I have been able to reflect on my thankfulness for God’s abundant grace. He protected and sustained us today. Let’s not get too busy in our work and forget this wonderful truth. Further, lets not forget why we are here – to take part in the advancement of the good Gospel of Jesus Christ! Lets get back to work!