It’s been a great day in Haiti in more ways than one! We asked you to pray for us to complete our task. We were a little discouraged this afternoon because we didn’t quite finish, however we just found out the plane from MFI will not arrive in Cap Haitian until early afternoon. That means we will have all morning to finish the job. Praise the Lord! We have been the beneficiaries of your prayers. But don’t stop praying because we still have a little work and lots of travel to do. The day ended with God opening the windows of heaven and pouring out blessings on us…literally! You see, we went into Cap Haitian for a special dinner since it’s our last night. While we were eating dinner in an open air restaurant, we noticed the skies getting very black. While this wouldn’t worry most people, it worried us because we travel in the back of a flatbed truck and we were 30 minutes from home (in good weather)! We finished a wonderful meal and headed for home. Just as soon as we left, the bottom fell out! Fortunately Bill had given us one poncho in case it started raining. Yes I said one! Have you ever seen 7 grown men under one poncho? Well it happened in Haiti! The rain reminded me of what God said through the prophet Malachi to His people regarding tithing. He told them to prove His faithfulness by being faithful to Him. He said, “I will open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings!” The Lord was talking about rain! Let me tell you…it rained tonight! Not only did it rain but thunder and lightening accompanied it…like really bad lightening! It was scary then but now it is somewhat humorous and I like to think God was reminding me of His faithfulness as we have been faithful to Him. We are scheduled to fly home tomorrow. Please pray for safe travels in the air and then on the 8-hour road trip that will follow. We look forward to going home.