Day 3 – February 22, 2014

Today was another exciting day! Jeff’s word of encouragement this morning was for us to remain steadfast in Christ. He encouraged us to think on this word all day. And that we did!

We had the opportunity to investigate a new ministry opportunity in Buena Vista. Pastor Abraham, a 42 year old preacher’s kid, began a church in Buena Vista 2 years and 8 months ago with 5 people. The church’s name is Sala Evangelica – “the House of Evangelism.” Today he has about 70 in his congregation, most of the growth coming from baptisms. Abraham is a friend of Bob and Georgette. He supports his wife and 8 children by being a welder. He does awesome work and led his church to build a beautiful church building, a place for people to come to hear the word of God powerfully proclaimed every week. Abraham is investigating the need for a feeding center in Buena Vista. His church has already impacted their community in many ways. For example, recently they held a 4-day revival where they fed 4,000 people breakfast, lunch, and dinner for free every day! Yes, you read that right…4,000 people. He said the only way his small church could pull off such an event was through a miracle of God. It was exciting to see and hear this young man’s heart and love for Jesus, His Word, and the people of Buena Vista.

After we visited with Abraham and his family, we then went to 3 homes owned by people in his congregation and installed a stove in each home. This was really exciting, especially after we found out that no one really goes to this community and provides ministry. After spending most of the day with Abraham, our hearts were tied to him and his ministry. We pray that God will give us clarity and direction on how we might be able to minister along side him and Sala Evangelica in the future.

We left Buena Vista and after a short ride, Bob and Georgette took us to a nice restaurant for a late lunch. The food was phenomenal, however it didn’t stop anyone from eating dinner at the mission house!

After lunch we stopped by an orphanage named Casa Shalom. We spent a couple of hours learning about their ministry and playing with the children. This was an exciting moment for many on our team. It was exciting to see all the team members showing the love of Christ to children who were in desperate need of seeing the love of Jesus!

I know I say this every day, however I probably will continue to say our evening meal was awesome! We enjoyed talking about the events of the day and I led us at the end of the evening in a devotional based on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23; the parable of the sower. I reminded our group of Jeff’s encouragement for us to remain steadfast in Christ. We discussed the fact that “doing the will of the Father” was to be fruit-bearers. God’s plan for His children is to bear fruit. Just as a farmer doesn’t plant corn to look at the stalks but rather to produce ears of corn, so we are saved by Christ so that we might lead others to also know the same love and grace of God found only through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
What a great day we had! We look forward to going to church in the morning at Iglesia Del Camino, The Church of the Way. Afterwards, we get a free day to do some shopping and exploring. Please pray for us to be encouraged through the word and pray for our safety. We also pray for everyone back home, especially for those who will be leading worship at New Day on our behalf.

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  1. So very exciting to see our Heavenly Father work through you all. Praying that hearts will be open to the greatest news, God’s gift of salvation through trust in Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross and resurrection demonstrating God’s power over death.

  2. So very exciting to hear about our Heavenly Father’s work through you all. Praying that hearts will be open to the greatest news, God’s gift of salvation through trust in Jesus Christ for the complete payment for our sin on the cross.

  3. Can’t wait to hear about the church service!

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