Day 4 – February 23, 2014

We spent the majority of our day in Antigua, Guatemala. We went to Bob and Georgette’s church, Iglesia del Camino – “The Church of the Way.” The worship service was unlike anything most of our team has ever seen. The service was conducted in both English and Spanish. The worship leader would sing a verse in Spanish and then the next verse or chorus in English. The words on the screen were in both Spanish and English too. So we could sing in which ever language we wanted to. Even though there were only two languages being used, the service reminded us of Revelation 7:9-12 where there will be people from every nation, tribe, and tongue around the throne of God worshipping our Savior. We long for that day!

After church we went into Antigua and had lunch at Pollo Campero. It was Guatemala’s version of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Boy it was really good! After lunch we went into the market to do some shopping for our families. We had a great time, bought lots of souvenirs, and enjoyed trying to get the best bargain we could find. I found out two things during this part of our day; I’m soft when it comes to bartering and I found a lady named Debby who is the best saleswoman I’ve ever seen!

Before heading home for the evening, Bob and Georgette took us to a Catholic monastery that was built in the 1400s. The ruins were really neat to behold but to watch the activities going on at the church that still occupies the site was painful to watch. We prayed that these people would see the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We ended the evening with another delicious meal provided by our host and a wonderful devotional given by Stephen Young. Stephen shared Hebrews 13:1-6 and focused on verse 5; reminding us that God will never leave us nor forsake us. What a wonderful truth to behold. Regardless of where we go, what we are going through, or whatever trials we may endure, Jesus is present with those who know Him and He gives us power to live for Him each and every day. Praise God for His grace!
Tomorrow will be our hardest day, physically, in Guatemala. We are going to build a house. Please pray that everyone on our team is safe and that the Gospel will be displayed and spoken.

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