“Haiti is on the way” – June 6, 2013

We arrived at MFI at 6am (that’s 5am our time). Missionaries abounded. Two planes were scheduled to fly to Haiti with missionaries and cargo. Our group, 4 men from Florida and 4 from Alabama, carried food, luggage, and lumber. Even though my personal bag was about 20 lbs overweight we still were 60 lbs underweight as a team! All was going well – we boarded the plane, began to taxi out to the runway, but turned around and returned to the hanger because a heavy thunderstorm rolled through. Remember yesterday’s word – flexibility? We got off the plane and by the time we got back inside the hanger the rain stopped. So the pilot took us back to the plane and we took off with no problems. Our 1.5 hour flight took us to the island of Exuma for a 30 minute Bahamian vacation!  They fueled the plane, we ordered breakfast, and were off to Haiti. Our flight from Exuma to Cap Haitian also took 1.5 hours. After landing in Cap Haitian we went through customs with little difficulty and headed for our home away from home for the next week – Mission Bon Berger (Good Shepherd Ministries). After settling in we received a quick tour from Bill Younger (the missionary at GSM), began to size up our work for the week, and them had a nice dinner (chicken, rice & beans, plantains, beet salad, and fresh pineapple). As I write this post everyone is going through the showers and we are all preparing for our nightly bible study. As I reflect on the events of the day I’m reminded of God’s grace and His provision. I’m reminded of the need to assist missionaries already on the field as we are doing with Good Shepherd Ministries. But I’m overwhelmed with the need to advance the Gospel to the ends of the earth; especially to those who have never heard. Several years ago I challenged a group of people to go to Haiti on a mission trip. Someone from that group told me that they felt called to Africa. My response was, “Well, Haiti is on the way!”  I still feel that way – Haiti is on the way to the ends of the earth. So, we’ll work hard in Haiti on the way to taking the Gospel to those who have never heard – all the way to the ends of the earth!


  1. Faithfulness. That is the word that floats through my mind as I read your words. Allow yourselves to solely rest in Him. Great….oh how great …..is His faithfulness. Love you guys! Yes, even Austin. I wish you could have seen Chandler and Forrest sing and move to the worship songs. We had a blast!

  2. Jeanine Garrett

    June 7, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    We are enjoying keeping up with all of you! Please continue to post and upload pics when you can. We are praying for you all and know that God will use you in a mighty way! Tell Drew everyone at RHD says “hello” and sends their love!

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