It was a great day to worship Jesus. Our day began a little later this morning than normal. After breakfast we had a few hours before church to fellowship and enjoy some relaxation. We went to church at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Grand Pre. Pastor Blaise went to school as a child at Good Shepherd. When we got to the church they ushered us straight to the front (that’s my favorite spot anyway). They were very hospitable to us; they offered us water and directed oscillating fans on us because they wanted us to be as comfortable as possible. Today just happened to be a special service. It was “Celebrate Children Day.” The young people led worship and then a 1st year seminary student preached. Probably one of the coolest parts of the service was when all of the small children who were sitting in the same section (about 50) stood up and sang “The Heart of Worship” in Creole! It really messed me up. After church we returned to GSM for a nice lunch. Then we went into Cap Haitian and then out to Savanne Carrie. Bill shared with us his vision to build a new mission house and hospital. He’s praying for God to raise up a missionary and a doctor to head up that part of the ministry. New Day Church is praying about how we can support this work. Please pray with us on this. We returned home and now are preparing for bed. Tomorrow we return to work so please pray that we can make great progress. As I reflect on the day’s activities and remember singing in English some of the same songs our Haitian brothers and sisters sang at the same time in Creole, I can’t help but think about what it will be like in heaven when people from every nation, tribe, and tongue will be standing around the throne of God worshiping the One who saves!