Road Trip


My former pastor, Dr. Jimmy Robinson, taught me a long time ago a key word to remember on the mission field – flexibility. We used this word before we left my driveway this morning. Our trip route was going to be to take I10 to I75 then follow the Turnpike all the way to Ft. Pierce. Just before we left I received a phone call from the administrator with GSM. He asked us to stop in Melbourne to pickup the food containers for our team and take them to MFI. While we were glad to do this, there was only one problem – it was not on our route. So we changed our plans and traveled I10 all the way to I95 and down to Melbourne. As we changed our plans God reminded us that we are serving Him and our minor inconveniences don’t really matter much. The icing on the cake was we saved the toll money required for the Turnpike.

Speaking of plans, we are scheduled to arrive at MFI at 6 a.m. tomorrow. However, we’ve already heard we may have trouble getting out because of the rain forecast for tomorrow. So, please pray that we have good weather and are able to travel to Haiti in the morning. Please pray for Blair, Drew, Austin, and me as we serve Christ this week. Ask the Lord to use us as we seek to leverage our lives for the Gospel.