Small Investments – Huge Returns – June 7, 2013

We began the day with bible study with the Haitians who work for Good Shepherd Ministries. I wish every believer in America could experience a time of worship with these precious people. Every morning, Monday through Friday, these men and women gather for bible study and worship at 6:30 a.m. They sing hymns, read Psalms, pray and study the Word of God. Their standard practice is to read 1 chapter of scripture and ask any question they would like from that chapter. Then Bill teaches them the meaning and how to apply it to their lives. After bible study we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and started work for the day. Our crew is responsible for hanging soffit and enclosing the gable ends on the mission house. We needed more plywood for the job so Bill, Julio (a Haitian believer), and I went to Cap Haitian to buy the plywood. Of course, I was accused of trying to get out of work (Haha)! The experience in Cap Haitian was one I’ll never forget (let’s just leave it at that). When we got back to the mission compound, Blair, Drew, and Austin were soaked with sweat and had made great progress. After lunch we finished the front side of the mission house. Bill was pleased. The crew from Alabama worked on kitchen cabinets. They built them from scratch. Both crews worked hard all day and then enjoyed a great dinner (rice & beans, beef & okra, plantains, and potato salad). As I reflect on the day I’m reminded of the significant commitment to Christ these Haitian believers have and Bill’s dedication to disciple them. As we studied this morning I was reminded that Jesus changed the world by investing His life in a small group of men. Then He sent them out and they turned the world upside down! Can you imagine what would happen if we all did this; if we all would invest in a few people and then send them out? It’s how we will change the world! Small investments can bring huge returns!

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  1. Jeanine Garrett

    June 8, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    My heart is so very touched to read what you all are doing for the Lord! Look forward to reading them everyday! I am sharing them with the clients at RHD where Drew works during the summer. Please continue to post and God bless you all!

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