bible_glassesThe Gospel

The only hope for Walton County and the nations is the Gospel.  We believe that it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believes.  We will saturate our communities and the world with the good news by proclaiming it with clarity and love, and by practicing good deeds that glorify Jesus Christ.  We desire to be a blessing to Walton County and to the nations with our actions and our words.


We believe this emphasis on the simplicity and power of the Gospel will also help us be unified. We can agree to disagree over matters that are not of first importance. But on the Gospel, we will be together. We refuse to argue over trivial matters because of the urgency of getting the Gospel to the nations.


The Gospel breaks down the barrier between God and man.  Because God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, He has given us the same ministry of reconciliation.  Therefore, we believe the Gospel breaks down social, racial, and economic barriers between people.


Mercy Ministry

The Gospel displays God’s mercy to lost humanity.  Therefore, as God’s people we desire to meet the urgent physical and spiritual needs of our community and the world.  We want to impact the world through ministries of word and deed, caring for people the way Jesus cared for us.

Missional Community

The Gospel unites believers into one body for one purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, we believe the church is a place where meaningful relationships are formed between like-minded people who desire to live life together through bible study, fellowship, and prayer.