It was another beautiful day in Haiti. The temperature was 100 degrees in the shade. While the team from Alabama continued to build cabinets our team continued to enclose the gable ends on the mission house. There are 3 gables on the house – the front was completed yesterday, we finished one today and hopefully by the end of the week we will complete the last one. We are using roofing metal to enclose the gables because we have metal and are short on pressure treated plywood. We also are working about 2.5 stories in the air. Praise God He kept us safe today. We got a slow start as we all tried to figure out where we work best. Once we figured that out we began to make progress. Blair spent most of the day on a scaffold while Austin spent a lot of time in the attic and Drew and I spent most of the day on the ground cutting metal and and wood and passing material up the ladder. I would post some pictures, however I’m having difficulty with my Internet service. When we get home we will add some pictures to the website for you to enjoy. The day was long, hot, and tiring for the entire team but in the end we felt a sense of accomplishment. As we began wrapping up the work for the day, 3 Haitian children came up to the wall and climbed up to look over at us (white people are a novelty in Haiti!). Drew began to talk with them and after a few minutes he asked if he could go play ball with them. It was awesome to see him interact with these children. It’s evident to see God has given him a heart for and a gift to work with children, regardless of where they are from. As I write this and reflect back on how we accomplished the task by figuring out where we work best, I’m reminded of how God gives gifts to every member of His body. We need each other. We can accomplish more together than we can apart. I thank God for Blair, Drew, and Austin. They worked hard today. Tomorrow we will have some free time after we go to a local Haitian church. We look forward to what God has in store!